1 November 2016 — 5 November 2016
Aberystwyth, Bangor, Hull
Literary Europe Live

Evenings of Galician poetry and music.

19 October 2016, 1pm - 2pm
Literary Europe Live

LAF continues its annual debate programme at the Weltempfang with a presentation of Literary Europe Live.

16 September 2016 — 18 September 2016
Festivals, Literary Europe Live

All ten writers selected as the Literary Europe Live’s New Voices from Europe are coming to the Polish festival from 16 to 18 September.

3 June 2016 — 11 June 2016
Literary Europe Live

A chance to hear the poetry of one of our Ten New Voices from Europe at the 2016 poesiefestival berlin

17 June 2016 — 19 June 2016
Literary Europe Live

The poetry of New Voices Juana Adcock and Árpád Kollár will be in the spotlight in Budapest this spring as part of Literary Europe Live. Their poetry will be translated into […]

29 May 2016 — 3 June 2016
Literary Europe Live

Two of Literary Europe Live’s New Voices make their debut appearance at the 15th Festival of the European Short Story.

13 May 2016 — 15 May 2016
Festivals, Literary Europe Live

Literatura em Viagem – Literature in Travel festival takes place in Matosinhos 13-15 May. As part of the Literary Europe Live project, the festival will feature a number of emerging and established literary voices from Europe and beyond…

21 March 2016 — 24 March 2016
Literary Europe Live

Passa Porta hosts its first Literary Europe Live event with established writers and emerging voices from ten countries discussing the need and necessity of literature.

11 March 2016 — 27 March 2016
Beijing and other cities, China
Literary Europe Live

Literary Europe Live travels to China for the Bookworm International Literary Festival and the Macau Script Road Festival.

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