A Postcard from Larisa from Lloyd Markham

Posted by Admin on 18 August 2022


Yesterday, while waiting for my train from Thessaloniki to Larissa, I was surprised to find a small chapel in the station – situated somewhat unflatteringly by the lavs*.

I think this is a feature we should install in UK train stations, because – despite being broadly agnostic – I do find myself exclaiming, “God! Christ! Jesus! Mother of Mercy! Etc!” an awful lot while using the trains – usually after the second or third delay and/or platform alteration. Perhaps installing a direct line will ensure Heaven truly knows what I think of Bristol Temple Meads?

When I return from two week Ulysses Shelter residency in Larissa I shall entreat whoever is in charge of the country to take on my earnest proposal. Which – as of time of writing – could literally be anyone/anything in the nation. My bet is on a slightly ripped poster of ABBA (Britain is a nostalgic kingdom after all) and a particularly rightwing box of crayons (got to keep the ERG happy).

Keep safe everyone,


*To be fair I too have sometimes desire a deep spiritual cleanse after using a public restroom.