Aims and Benefits

The Literature Across Frontiers workshops aim to do the following:

  • raise the profile of lesser-known contemporary poetry and poetic traditions and give prominence to less widely spoken languages;
  • result in translations between languages which may not have competent or experienced poetry translators;
  • contribute to the development of translation workshop models applicable to lesser-known languages
  • establish or strengthen new international connections for the participating poets and organisations;
  • extend the international contents of associated events (festivals, book fairs);
  • develop poets’ translation skills;
  • result in the transfer of workshop organisation and leading skills
  • instigate long-term cooperation between organisations ;
  • encourage analysis of the participants’ own work and its place in the context of a particular poetic tradition;
  • inspire creation of new work;
  • provide a forum for discussion of wider translation issues;
  • allow the dissemination of translated work and workshop method documentation  internationally, via the internet, at other similar events organised by project partners, and through literary magazines in the partner countries.