Culture Reset

Culture Reset is a new cultural organisation with a European and international outlook, established under Czech law to continue the activities of Literature Across Frontiers in the European Union. The new organisation will benefit from our extensive expertise and experience in working across Europe and beyond, particularly in the Euro-Mediterranean region and in Asia, managing international literary projects focused on networking, capacity building and resources creation, professional development and research contributing to arts and culture policy debate.

Our aims and vision:

We aim to be an international cultural organisation specialising in multilingual, collaborative projects, activities and research in the fields of intercultural exchange, literary translation, publishing, linguistic diversity and policy development in Europe and across the globe, based on the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion.

In the broader context, we want to see a sustainable future for cultural and linguistic diversity, for equality and for freedom of expression across the world. We want to see the arts, culture and education contribute to empowering communities; to find solutions to the global challenges that threaten this sustainable future, such as climate change, poverty and social inequality, and to hold governments and corporations to account.

We want future generations to have international opportunities to collaborate, to learn and to share knowledge and lived experiences, to deepen their understanding of the world and gain important insights into its cultural and linguistic diversity.

Our strategic aims for the period 2020-2025:

·       To collaborate with organisations and individuals on developing programmes of activity in our specialist fields;

·       To support and host activities of Literature Across Frontiers, Mercator and other branded initiatives beyond our own brand (Culture Reset);

·       To continue our development as a new initiative (based on long-term knowledge and expertise) active at local, national, European and international level with robust financial sustainability;

·       To collaborate with local and regional organisations providing our specialist expertise;

·       To promote and facilitate intercultural dialogue through literature and the arts, connecting writers, translators, publishers and other agents, especially those from under-represented groups, cultures or countries – and support their empowerment to achieve greater impact and recognition as well as to increase access to diverse, excellent and inspiring content for audiences across the world;

·       To enhance linguistic diversity and advocate an inclusive approach to multilingualism, working with organisations in the field of minority/minoritised languages, including spoken and signed languages in Europe and internationally;

·       To facilitate the future sustainability of our fields of expertise, including developing opportunities for new and future generations, supporting new entrants and emerging practitioners and professionals as well as knowledge exchange, engagement with research and best practice in relevant arts and cultural policy, (minority and minoritised) language policy and planning, advocacy and global citizenship.