About our activities

Literature Across Frontiers’ work spans the following activities…

LAF provides opportunities for people working in the field of international literature to create new contacts.

Seminars, debates and conferences
We organise public debates, seminars and conferences at literature festivals, book fairs and other gatherings.

Information provision, research and documentation
LAF has access to a wide range of information useful for people in the literary world. We provide much of this online and at events, and also use it in our research which we undertake to make recommendations for policy-making and best practice.

Literary festivals and events
We help develop international content at literary festivals and literature events.

Translator training and development
LAF develops models for the recruitment and training of literary translators through translation workshops and tertiary education models for emerging translators.

Book fairs
We participate in several international book fairs with events, networking activities and collective stands.

LAF published Transcript – Europe’s trilingual online literary magazine published in French, German and English – between 2002 and 2013. In Transcript readers can discover short stories, poetry, essays and interviews from across Europe and beyond. Visit Transcript

As well as Transcript, LAF cooperates with other organisations, literary magazines and publishers on the publication of literature in translation.

Large scale projects
We organise special projects which focus on particular genres or regions. Visit our project pages to find out more.