App store releases a new version of LitNav!

Posted by admin on 23 May 2013


  • A Paris Story - by David Constantine - on the Gimbal
    A Paris Story - by David Constantine - on the Gimbal
  • Gimbal navigating Paris
    Gimbal navigates Paris
  • Listening to LitNav
    Listening to a story on the Gimbal

A new version of LitNav is out now! LitNav V1.1 for iPhone is full of short stories from cities around the world. Each story is set in a city and the app guides you around as you read or listen. In the updated version you can experience more journeys, enjoy more user-friendly content, and share your discoveries with your friends. LitNav navigates as it narrates!

To find out what else is new on the LitNav, visit the App store to download your version for FREE!

Gimbal features city stories from the Tramlines writers: Koen Peeters‘s story about Riga, Inga Žolude‘s story about Brussels, Roman Simić Bodrožić‘s story about Manchester, Jana Šrámková‘s story about Prague, Francesc Serés‘s story about Alexandria, Michelle Green‘s story about Zagreb and there’s more to come.

It also features many more stories set in cities across the world from writers such as Hassan Blasim, Mirja Unge, Paweł Huelle, Ágúst Borgþór Sverrisson, Sean O’Brien, Alison MacLeod, David Constantine and many more…

LitNav is created by Literature Across Frontiers and Comma Press and developed by Toru Interactive. For more information visit the website