Locked Down in Delhi: Translating Indian Poetry for Children

A series of conversations and Q&A sessions with our former Charles Wallace India Trust Fellows and Literature Across Frontiers’ Director, Alexandra Büchler, produced in collaboration with Yr Egin Ar-Lein.

We catch up with our former Fellows to discuss what they have been up to since their Fellowship in Wales. The series was recorded and broadcast during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Mohini Gupta is a writer, translator, and a literary event organizer and moderator based in New Delhi. During her 2017 CWIT residency in Aberystwyth, Mohini worked on her planned projects – translating Vikram Seth’s Beastly Tales from Here and There (1991) a book of ten fables in poetry, wrote her own poems for children in Hindi and planned an initiative she launched recently: Mother Tongue Twisters, a platform dedicated to Indian-language children’s poetry which also hosts talks with literary translators.