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Nyree Abrahamian

A Toronto Native, Nyree Abrahamian is a freelance writer, editor and translator. After spending five years in Armenia, she currently resides in... more

(Français) Ana Arzoumanian

(Français) Spécialiste des questions de l’Holocauste et des génocides, elle a entrepris des recherches sur le génocide arménien lors d’un... more

Narine Avetian

Narine Avetian was born in 1977 in the Lori province of Armenia. She graduated from Yerevan State University’s Philology department, where she... more

Anahit Avetissian

(Français) Traductrice et interprète français-anglais-arménien, Anahit Avetissian a commencé sa carrière de traductrice littéraire en 1998. En... more

Viken Berberian

(Français) Sa nouvelle Le Plagiaire (The Plagiarist), dont l’action se déroule à Paris, est publiée dans le dernier numéro (janvier 2013) de la... more

Araz Berseghian

Born 1984 in Tehran, Araz Berseghian is a self-taught writer and translator. He started as a translator, publishing his first book, a translation of... more

Špela Bibič

Špela Bibič (born 1986) holds a degree in Translation Studies (English-French) and works as a freelance translator. To date, she has translated two... more

Petr Borkovec

Petr Borkovec published a new collection of poems in 2013 entitled Milostné básně [Love Poems] in Czech. He has translated the work of Joseph... more

Clarissa Botsford

Clarissa Botsford studied Italian at Cambridge and Comparative Education in London before moving to Rome, Italy. She has worked in the fields of... more

Christos Chryssopoulos

(Français) Christos Chryssopoulos est l’un des jeunes romanciers et nouvellistes le plus remarqué de la littérature néo-hellénique. Ses livres,... more

Siân Melangell Dafydd

Siân Melangell Dafydd is an author, poet and translator. Her first published novel, Y Trydydd Peth (The Third Thing; Gomer, 2009) won her the coveted... more

Vahram Danielyan

Vahram Danielyan is a literary critic and since 2009 has been a doctoral student in comparative literature at Yerevan State University. He is also a... more

Anna Davtian

Anna Davtian was born in 1983. She studied English language and literature at Yerevan State University, and then moved on to studying photography.... more

D. Aram Donabedian

D. Aram Donabedian is a writer, painter and Hunter College Librarian. His work has appeared in various journals including the “Journal of... more

Elvira Dones

Born in Durrës, Albania, Elvira Dones is a novelist, screenwriter and documentary film-maker currently based in the US. After seven novels in... more

Siranush Dvoyan

(Français) Siranush Dvoyan est critique littéraire et maître de conférences à l'Université d'État d'Erevan, où elle donne des cours de... more

Alex Epstein

Alex Epstein (born in 1971 in Saint Petersburg) is an Israeli writer, known for his short-short stories. He moved to Israel at the age of eight.... more

Thierry Fabre

Thierry Fabre, a French essayist and founder of the encounter “Rencontres d’Averroès”, is responsable for the programme and the... more

Will Firth

© Ben Liquete Will Firth was born in 1965 in Newcastle, Australia. He studied German and Slavic languages in Canberra, Zagreb, and Moscow. Since 1991... more

Albert Gatt

Albert Gatt is a cognitive scientist whose research focuses on the computational and psychological processes underlying language processing. He... more

Violet Grigorian

Violet Grigorian was born in 1962 in Tehran, Iran and repatriated to Armenia in 1975. She graduated from the Abovian State Pedagogical Institute’s... more

Hovhannes Grigorian

Hovhannes Grigorian was born in the Shirak province of Armenia in 1945. A graduate of Yerevan State University’s Department of Mathematical... more

Nathalie Handal

Nathalie Handal is from Bethlehem, Palestine. She was raised in France and Latin America, and educated in the United Kingdom, the USA and the Arab... more

Anahit Hayrapetyan

Anahit Hayrapetyan is a writer and photographer. She has been taking photos since 2005. After participating in World Press Photo Seminars in 2006,... more

Katerina Iliopoulou

Katerina Iliopoulou was born in Athens in 1967. She is a poet, artist and translator, author of poetry collections Mister T., 2007 (first prize for a... more

Andreas Jandl

Jahrgang 1975, studierte Theaterwissenschaften, Anglistik und Romanistik in Berlin, London und Montréal. Seit 2000 arbeitet er freiberuflich als... more

Drago Jančar

Drago Jančar (b. 1948) studied law and has worked as a journalist, editor and freelance writer. During the time of the Communist regime, he was... more

(Français) Stéphane Juranics

(Français) Écrivain français d’origine hongroise par son père, Stéphane Juranics cultive un lien étroit avec la littérature issue de la... more

(Français) Mohamed Kacimi

(Français) Mohamed Kacimi est romancier, auteur de jeunesse, traducteur et dramaturge et collabore régulièrement à France Culture et au Monde,... more

Fatma Kandil

The well-known “new generation” poet and short story writer was born in Cairo in 1958. She also co-edits a journal of literary criticism... more

Nanor Kebranian

Nanor Kebranian is Assistant Professor in the Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies at Columbia University.  She completed... more

Gurgen Khanjian

Gurgen Khanjian is a writer and playwright. He is the author of ten books, including several novels, plays and short story collections. Khanjian has... more

David Kherdian

Following a typical Midwestern childhood, Kherdian moved to San Francisco, where he was befriended and influenced by writers who became the Beat poets... more

(Français) Levon Khetchoyan

(Français) Levon Khetchoyan est aujourd’hui considéré comme l’héritier de Hrant Mathévossian (1935-2002, Soleil d’automne, Albin Michel... more

Fatos Kongoli

Fatos Kongoli is a contemporary Albanian novelists. He was born and raised in Albania Tirana and as a young man studied mathematics in China during... more

Mkrtich Matevossian

(Français) Peintre et graphiste de formation, Mkrtich Matevossian a participé à de nombreuses expositions en Arménie et à l’étranger en tant... more

Jill Alessandra McCoy

Jill Alessandra McCoy is the English Editorial Assistant for Transcript. She has been working with Literature Across Frontiers since the fall of 2012,... more

(Français) Martin Melkonian

(Français) Martin Melkonian compte à son actif vingt-cinq années de publications essentiellement orientées vers l’expression d’un regard... more

Samvel Mkrtchyan

Editor of ArtGrakanutyun literary translation quarterly, author of more than 30 books, he has translated, to name a few, Shakespeare (Sonnets and... more

Sahar El Mougy

Sahar Elmougy is an Egyptian author and a lecturer of English at Cairo University. Writing from a feminist perspective, she articulates the conflict... more

Samira Negrouche

Samira Negrouche is a Francophone Algerian poet and author living in Algiers. She writes poetry, short essays and prose. She also organises poetry and... more

Aram Pachyan

Aram Pachyan was born on March 19, 1983, in Vanadzor, Armenia, into a family of medical workers. From 1999 to 2004 he studied in the law department of... more

Marine Petrossian

Marine Petrossian was born in 1960 in Yerevan. Her first poems were published in the literary magazine Garun in 1987, and her first collection of... more

Marko Pogačar

Marko Pogačar was born in 1984, in Split, Yugoslavia. He is an editor of Quorum, a literary magazine, and Zarez, a bi-weekly for cultural and social... more

Joachim Sartorius

Born in Fürth in 1946, Joachim Sartorius grew up in Tunis and, following lengthy periods in New York, Istanbul and Nicosia, currently lives in... more

Olja Savičević

Olja Savičević (born in 1974 in Split, Croatia) read Linguistics and Literary Criticism at the University of Zadar. She has published several poetry... more

Simona Schneider

Simona Schneider is a writer and translator from Russian, Arabic and French. Her translations, poetry and criticism have appeared in The New... more

Julia Schoch

Julia Schoch was born in Bad Saarow (Germany) in 1974. She studied in Bucharest and Paris and now lives in Potsdam, working as a freelance author... more

Peter Semolič

Peter Semolič  was born in Ljubljana in 1967 and studied general linguistics and cultural studies at the University of Ljubljana. He is the author... more

Katrin Thomaneck

Katrin Thomaneck is the editor of Transcript. She studied classical music before becoming interested in translation studies. She holds an MA in... more

Suzana Tratnik

Suzana Tratnik (born 1963) is a writer, translator, publicist and sociologist with an MA in Gender Anthropology. She has published six short-story... more

Anahid Yahjian

Anahid Yahjian is a writer and filmmaker born in Bulgaria and raised in Los Angeles. Since graduating with honors from Occidental College with a... more

Anat Zecharia

Anat Zecharia, born 1974 in Tel Aviv, is a writer and photographer. She teaches creative writing and writes dance reviews in “Time Out”... more

Pelin Özer

(Français) Son écriture est un mélange de poésie, de récit de voyage, d'essais et de revues critiques.