Until 22 November 2015, 29/11/2015

(English) Ana Pepelnik (Slovenia), Arvis Viguls (Latvia), Bao Chan Nguyen (Vietnam), Franca Mancinelli (Italy), Ming Di (China) and Narlan Matos (Brazil) come together in Slovenia to translate each other’s poetry.

5 January 2015 — 29 January 2015

(English) Poetry Connections is a series of projects which bring together poets from Europe and India to explore each other’s work through translation and create a multilingual poetry performance. The next Poetry Connections workshop will take place in January 2015 in Hyderabad.

9 September 2014 — 14 September 2014

Poets and translators from Georgia and the UK gather in Tbilisi for an intensive week of literary translation. LAF’s first poetry translation workshop in Georgia aims to produce quality English translations of six […]

7 June 2014 — 15 May 2014

(English) Six gay women poets from Europe gathered in Slovenia in May 2014 to translate each other’s poetry. Alicia García Núñez (Spain), Anna Gulczynska (Poland), Anna Mattsson (Sweden), Kallia Papadaki (Greece) and Kristina Hočevar (Slovenia) spent a week together in Dane and Ljubljana

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