LAF at London Book Fair 2020

10 March 2020 — 12 March 2020
Literary Europe Live

As every year, we planned to be present at the Literary Translation Centre, which we were instrumental in setting up ten years ago, and we had organised the following events […]

Poetry Day Festival in Prague

22 November 2019 — 24 November 2019
Literary Europe Live

“Den Poezie’ or Poetry Day Festival in Prague welcomed poets who have made Europe their home as part of our cooperation.  The Palestinian-Syrian poet Ramy Al Asheq and Adams Sinarinzi... more

European authors in Singapore, Macau and Hong Kong

2 November 2019 — 10 November 2019
Literary Europe Live

Forging connections between literary scenes of Europe and other global regions has been part of LAF’s work for over a decade. In November, four European authors – Selja Ahava (Finland),... more

Agor Drysau / Opening Doors

16 March 2019 — 23 March 2019
Literary Europe Live

Literature Across Frontiers have partnered with the Agor Drysau / Opening Doors biennial festival of performing arts for young people to bring the topic of displacement and exile to audiences... more

Golan Haji and Hamid Sulaiman in Faber Residency

8 March 2019 — 24 March 2019
Literary Europe Live

Poet and translator Golan Haji and graphic novelist and artist Hamid Sulaiman will be spending two weeks in Faber Residency in Catalonia before appearing in the Kosmopolis Festival of Amplified... more

Promoting European Literatures in India

12 January 2018, 16:00 - 17:00
Literary Europe Live

Opportunities to promote, publish and showcase European literatures in India have grown in recent years with an increasing number of literary events seeking to make their programmes more international... more

Station Literature 22 : Life, Love, Death

8 September 2017 — 9 September 2017
Festivals, Literary Europe Live

The Polish festival takes place from 8 to 9 September in Stronie Śląskie and Sienna, with a special emphasis on links between poetry and music.