Connecting Cultures Through Poetry in Kerala

3 February 2018 — 10 March 2018
Festivals, Translation Workshop

We are pleased to cooperate with Sahitya Pravarthaka Saharkarana Sangham (SPCS) and the inaugural Krithi International Festival of Books and Authors with a poetry encounter between poets from Europe... more

Poetry Translation Workshop in Riga


11 September 2017 — 17 September 2017
Latvia, Riga
Literary Europe Live, Translation Workshop

Five British and four Latvian writers will participate in the workshop, meet students of literary translation and perform at the final event.

Translation Workshop in Budapest


15 June 2017 — 17 June 2017
Literary Europe Live, Translation Workshop

'Translation Workshop in Budapest: Poetry of Andrei Dósa and Arvis Viguls in Translation' takes place from 15 to 17 June.

Poetry Translation Workshop, Slovenia

Wednesday November 18th, 2015
Translation Workshop

Literature Across Frontiers is co-operating once more with the Centre for Slovenian Literature on its annual poetry translation workshop. The participating poets will spend a week together in the... more

Slovenia workshop poets 2015

Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival 2015

27 August 2015 — 30 August 2015
Festivals, Translation Workshop

The tenth edition of the Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival and translation workshop takes place this week in Malta. Writers will gather to translate each other’s work then perform at a... more

Malta Lit Fest 2015 writers

Poetry Connections India 2015

19 January 2015 — 30 January 2015
Delhi, Hyderabad, India
Translation Workshop

Poetry Connections 2015 brings together poets from Europe and India to translate each other's work and tour a multimedia multilingual performance to Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi.

Georgian Poetry Translation Workshop

8 September 2014 — 14 September 2014
Translation Workshop

Poets and translators from Georgia and the UK gather in Tbilisi for an intensive week of literary translation. LAF’s first poetry translation workshop in Georgia aims to produce quality English... more


Prose translation workshop in Riga

29 November 2013 — 6 December 2013
Translation Workshop
Invite Only

LAF teams up once again with its long-term partner, the Latvian Literature Centre, to hold a translation workshop in connection with the Prose Readings, a winter festival that takes writers […]

Riga prose translation workshop 2013

Reel Iraq

21 March 2013 — 24 March 2013
Festivals, Translation Workshop

Following a poetry translation workshop at the Erbil Literature Festival in Northern Iraq in January of this year, Reel festival returns to the UK for its fifth edition. The Iraqi poets who... more

Reel Iraq workshop January 2013 - Ryan Van Winkle