Giving Contemporary Meaning to Myths and Legends

Saturday March 20th, 2021
Literary Europe Live Plus

Myths, legends and folk tales are a mirror in which every culture and community views itself and through which it gives meaning to perceptions of human virtues and vices and […]

LAF at the Pune International Literary Festival 2020

Sunday December 13th, 2020

War, in so many words was the title of a debate LAF contributed to the Pune International Literary Festival as part of our project Literary Europe Live Plus supported by the Creative […]

Translating Central European Women Poets

Saturday November 21st, 2020

A panel debate with poets and translators Zofia Bałdyga, Ottilie Mulzet and Elżbieta Wójcik-Leese moderated by LAF Director, Alexandra Büchler. The debate was recorded for Den Poezie / Poetry... more