Conference: Translation in the Mediterranean

9 November 2014 — 10 November 2014
Cairo, Egypt
Seminars & Conferences
Invite Only

Literature Across Frontiers is taking part in a conference on Translation and Intercultural Dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region in Cairo on the 9th and 10th of November 2014. Organised by the Anna Lindh Foundation, in collaboration with Transeuropéennes and Doum Cultural Center, and with the support of the French government, the participants will include professionals, experts, civil society and public initiatives involved in the  field  of translation.

The conference will draw conclusions from on the large-scale programme which took place in 2010-2013 and resulted in the publication of ‘Mapping Translation in the Euro-Mediterranean Region’

Literature Across Frontiers took part in the programme, undertaking three studies on the state of translation from three EuroMed languages into English and running a number of projects in Arab countries and Turkey. (You can read about our work in the EuroMed region here and download the research reports).

LAF director Alexandra Büchler will be chairing a session to present and discuss the results of this work and other initiatives from the project such as the work of the Next Page Foundation, also involved in the mapping research, the Tamer Institute, focused on education and publication of children’s books and the ‘online cooperative platform for translators’ run by Transeuropéennes and the ALF.