European Literature House Meeting

4 June 2014 — 6 June 2014

A meeting of European Literature Houses is being held at the Free Word Centre in London to discuss the role of literature houses within the culture, society and politics of Europe. LAF is joining over 40 organisations from across Europe for the three day meeting to examine ideas, share best practice and explore ways to work collaboratively. LAF is running a workshop at the meeting on translation and minority languages with the Ventspils House.

Over the course of the three days, there will be two events to which we are welcoming audiences who are not attending the full conference:

The first is The role of literature houses in protecting the space for free expression, to be chaired by Ursula Owen, Founding Trustee of Free Word. This will take the form of a panel discussion with Jo Glanville, Julia Lazar, Aslak Sira Myre and Dessy Gavrilova, to be held at 6.30pm on Thursday 5 June.

The second is The changing relationship between writers and audiences, to be chaired by Rosie Goldsmith, with Francesca Beard, Florian Hoellerer, John Mitchinson and William Sutcliffe. This panel discussion will take place at 9am on Friday the 6 June.

More information is available on the Free Word Centre website.