Golan Haji and Hamid Sulaiman in Faber Residency

8 March 2019 — 24 March 2019
Literary Europe Live

Poet and translator Golan Haji and graphic novelist and artist Hamid Sulaiman will be spending two weeks in Faber Residency in Catalonia before appearing in the Kosmopolis Festival of Amplified Literature 2019 as part of our project Literary Europe Live Plus, in collaboration with Faber and the Barcelona Centre for Contemporary Art (CCCB).

During his Faber residency Hamid will focus on a new graphic novel with the working title Fill-IN about his journey into the world of tattoo, its history and social meaning, contemporary fascination and popularity, and about developing his own skill and knowledge of tattooing as an extension of his art.

Golan Haji will be working on a creative prose essay in Arabic exploring his native Kurdish Kurmanji oral history and the poetic imagination expressed in folk tales, songs, proverbs, riddles and versions of texts shared in the region, such as the Song of Songs. 

Both will appear at the Kosmopolis Festival on Saturday 23rd of march, together with a fellow Syrian author Rasha Abbas in a session discussing creating in exile moderated by the Barcelona-based author Bashkim Shehu.

Photo of Hamid Sulaiman by Jérémie Lortic.