Hay Festival Beirut and a meeting of literary organisers

Wednesday July 4th, 2012

4th – 8th July, 2012


Literature Across Frontiers will take the opportunity of the inaugural 
Hay Beirut Festival to hold a meeting of festivals and literary organisations from the Euro-Mediterranean region to discuss possibilities for future cooperation across the Mediterranean. This meeting will seek feedback and encourage networking and the exchange of best practice between grassroots, progressive cultural associations or groups and larger more established festivals, individuals and other networks, with the aim of facilitating communication, contacts and possible collaboration.

The meeting takes forward the outcomes of the LAF’s conference Literary Exchange & Translation in the Euro-Mediterranean Region: challenges of the next decade, held last year in Istanbul. 

The conference discussions produced rich material for further development and some strong recommendations. This meeting will bring together around thirty cultural operators from the region and will be one of a series of three to be held over a period of one year.

Hay Festival Beirut follows on from the Beirut39 project and LAF is excited to be working alongside Hay as a festival partner on this project.

LAF is also delighted to have the novelist Robin Yassin-Kassab blogging from the festival. You can read his first installment, On Dividing Lines, here.

The report of the Istanbul Conference can be found on http://www.lit-across-frontiers.org/projects.php

Download the programme in English 

Download the programme in Arabic