Istanbul Tanpinar Literature Festival

Monday October 1st, 2012

1st – 8th October 2012

Istanbul and Izmir

How do writers put the fear in us? The third Istanbul Tanpinar Literature Festival (ITEF) opens in October with the theme City and Fear. Writers and audiences will come together to explore frightening writing – whether it be fear as a literary theme and as a mode of being, secret personal fears or the collective fears of the turmoil in today’s world. We’ll hear from writers from around the world including several writers from the Netherlands, the creators of Zahra’s Paradise Amir & Khalil and the Manchester Letters writers Jenn Ashworth and Nermin Yildirimplus writers from our new Tramlines project.

As well as entertaining and scaring audiences, it will also be a chance for writers and literary organisers to make connections and start new collaborations through the second ITEF Fellowship programme.

LAF will also be holding the second strategy workshop for literary exchange in Euro-Mediterranean region (the first was held in Beirut in July).

ITEF has been developed by Literature Across Frontiers and Kalem Culture with support from various partners.