The Politics of Publishing Translations: LAF debate at the Frankfurt Book Fair

13 October 2017, 13:00 - 14:00

The Politics of Publishing Translations 

Frankfurt Book Fair, Weltempfang, Hall 3.1 L25

Four publishers with an international background discuss the significance, impacts and opportunities of publishing work in translation. How does the publication of translations contribute to the literary scene in their countries of origin, or add to the socio-political debate in our troubled times? What criteria are used for selecting books? Do they sometimes prompt surprising reactions?

Neeta Gupta (Yatra Books, Delhi), Laura Huerga Ayza (Raig Verd, Barcelona) Laure Leroy (Zulma, Paris), Ra Page (Comma Press, Manchester) Moderation: Olivia Snajie (Bookwitty, Paris)

Debate in English