Literary Exchange in the Euro-Mediterranean – a strategy conference

5 April 2013 — 7 April 2013
Seminars & Conferences
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Literature Across Frontiers continues its consultation process towards developing a strategy for literary exchange in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Following on from our landmark Istanbul conference in 2011 and two workshops in the region in 2012 this concluding meeting in Malta, organised by LAF and Inizjamed, will bring together some 35 representatives of leading organisations and networks, from both the literary and the wider cultural and policy sector.

The participants will discuss the following topics,

  • literary policy as part of wider cultural policy;
  • the role of culture in EU external relations;
  • the role of independent organisations in the international cultural sphere;
  • information resources;
  • mobility for literary professionals.

They will also work towards establishing a Euro-Mediterranean translation and literary exchange hub in Malta. The meeting will produce a final document and a set of recommendations widely disseminated and presented to policy makers at national, regional and EU level.

Visit our Euro-Mediterranean project page to find out more background to this work.

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