Literary translation workshop, Cairo

Saturday September 15th, 2012

15th – 20th September 2012


We return to Cairo to continue our series of translation workshops with graduate translators at Ain Shams University, organised with the Al-Alsun faculty of languages. With an encouragingly large number of people subscribing to the event we have expanded to take over 70 participants who will learn about translation into Arabic from seven languages – including two new languages: Italian and Turkish.

This autumn’s workshop will also include a new extended session on pitching to publishers. Participants will translate synopses and readers’ reports of books that are on the rights market at present for translation into Arabic and present their books to a panel of publishers for critiqued and possible commission.

Guest writers and translators, publishers and agents from Egypt, France, Lebanon, UK, Germany, Turkey, Morocco, Finland will also join the Ain Shams Faculty as expert panelists and guest tutors.

The workshop is part of our ongoing work with the Euro-Mediterranean Translation Programme.

You can also read an article about the last workshop held in Cairo on the Free Word Centre website.