Minority Arts – No Minor Issue!

4 March 2015
Seminars & Conferences

Literature Across Frontiers is taking part in the Minority Arts – No Minor Issue! seminar on support for culture in minority languages  in Brussels at the European Parliament.

‘Arts and culture are important to any group in terms of identity, policy and visibility. For linguistic minorities, arts linked to language are essential – but often challenging due to a relatively small immediate audience. However, this art could be of interest to any audience. World-class literature can be written in minority languages, and world-class theatre productions can premiere in any language. Furthermore, many of these artists are active participants in various international cooperations. What possibilities can the EU offer for the smaller literature and theatre fields throughout Europe? And what are the challenges? Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland annually organizes an international seminar on language minority issues. The purpose is to provide an arena for constructive and inspiring discussion between European policy makers and people working with language minority issues in a wide range of ways throughout Europe.’

LAF’s Alexandra Büchler will be chairing a discussion at the event. More information is available at: registration.kulturfonden.fi