Roman Simić Tramlines Residency

Monday August 20th, 2012

20th – 26th August, 2012


This August short story writer Roman Simić will be doing a residency in Manchester as part of Tramlines. Tramlines is a new project connecting European cities with a tram system. As part of a short-term exchange residency writers are invited to create short stories which respond to the urban landscape along tramlines. These stories will become alternative multimedia guides to the city. 

Tramlines takes place in Alexandria, Barcelona, Brussels, Istanbul, Manchester, Prague, Riga and Zagreb. Roman’s visit follows on from Manchester writerMichelle Green‘s residency in Zagreb which took place at the Festival of the European Short Story. Read More about Tramlines on our Project page.

 Roman Simić Bodrožić was born in 1972 in Zadar, Croatia. He holds a degree in Spanish Language and Literature and Comparative Literature from the University of Zagreb. He is the Artistic Director for the Festival of the European Short Storyand the editor of the series entitled Anthologies of European Short Story. As a prose writer he won the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin stipend in 2004, and the CCN Graz stipend in 2003. He participated at the presentation of contemporary Croatian prose writers in Vienna in 2001 and 2003 and in Gothenborg in 2004. He also took part at the Biennale of Young Artists of Europe and Mediterranean in Rome in 1999 and at the Days of André Malraux, an international literary meeting in Sarajevo in 2000. Simić’s short stories were included into various selections and anthologies of contemporary Croatian prose and translated into German, French, Swedish, Slovenian, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Catalan, Slovak and English.

Simić’s publications include: U trenutku kao u divljini ( In the Moment Like in the Wilderness, verses, 1996, Zagreb; second Goran prize for Young Poets); Mjesto na kojem ćemo provesti noć ( A Place Where We’re Going to Spend the Night, short stories, 2000, Zagreb; translation into Polish, 2003, translation into Slovenian, 2004), and U što se zaljubljujemo ( What Are We Falling in Love With, short stories, 2005) which won the Jutarnji list Prize for the best Croatian prose book of the year 2005 and is translated into German and Serbian (in 2007), Spanish, and Slovenian (2008). Roman Simić Bodrožić lives in Zagreb and works as editor at Profil International publishing house.

Read Roman’s short story Foxes on the Word Express website.