Translation Workshop in Budapest


15 June 2017 — 17 June 2017
Literary Europe Live, Translation Workshop

The poetry by Andrei Dósa and Arvis Viguls will be in the spotlight in Budapest, where their poems will be translated into four different languages during the three-day translation workshop. The workshop is organized by and takes place in the Petőfi Literary Museum, from 15 to 17 June.

Andrei Dósa and Arvis Viguls were both selected by the jury of Literary Europe Live as two of ten emerging New Voices from Europe. Both will be present at the workshop and work together with the translators: Alen Besić (translating into Serbian), Gabi Csutak (translating into Hungarian), Astrid Nischkauer (translating into German) and Anne Talvaz (translating into French). The workshop will be facilitated by András Imreh, Hungarian poet and translator.

At the end of the workshop, writers and translators will appear on stage to present the new translations and talk about their experience of working together.

The workshop is a part of the Literary Europe Live project.