Wales-India International Translation Winter School

29 January 2015 — 2 February 2015
India, Kolkata

As part of an ongoing effort to connect the literatures of Wales, India and Nepal, a second translation workshop series is taking place from the 29th of January to the 2nd of February 2015. This time in India. It follows on from the workshop held in Aberystwyth in September 2014 and aims to promote translation skills among a group of students and translators, and in the process, add to the archive of Welsh literature available in Bangla, and Bangla literature available in Welsh and English. The project will also add to the archive of Nepali literature available in Bangla and English.

The events include a number of talks on translation in the Indian and Welsh contexts. Alongside this will be a series of translation workshops featuring Welsh, Bangla and Nepali texts and employing the collaborative mode of translation where participants translate texts together in groups each led by a lead translator and in consultation with the authors where possible.  The workshops will see at least four groups translating simultaneously with the help of participants working in Bangla, Nepali, English and Welsh.

The Wales-India International Translation Winter School is being organized jointly by the Centre of Advanced Study of the Department of Comparative Literature and the Centre for Translation of Indian Literatures (CENTIL), Jadavpur University, in collaboration with Aberystwyth University, Wales where Literature Across Frontiers is based.

The events are part of an overall programme of literary exchange between Europe and India taking place in January 2015. Find out more about what else is taking place here.