LAF and WLE Welcome Report on International Engagement

Posted by admin on 3 July 2016


The findings of a report on the international promotion of Welsh literature have been welcomed by Wales Literature Exchange (WLE) and Literature Across Frontiers (LAF).

Commissioned by Wales Arts International and Literature Wales, the report was carried out by independent company Arad Research based in Cardiff.

The Director of Literature Across Frontiers (LAF), Alexandra Büchler, said the report had undertaken valuable research on the work which is carried out to promote quality writing from Wales on a global stage.

“This is a long overdue report which maps the current situation and highlights the expertise and long-term achievements of organisations such as LAF and Wales Literature Exchange, while clearly emphasising the value of synergies and partnerships with other organisations and institutions, including partnerships fruitfully connecting arts and education,” said Ms Büchler.

“In particular, we welcome the acknowledgement of the importance and benefits of international engagement for the literary scene of Wales and for Welsh audiences. The emphasis on reciprocity and exchange, rather than one-directional cultural export, validates the approach we adopted from the start when LAF was established fifteen years ago.

The report’s ten main recommendations include a call to provide additional support for Wales Literature Exchange (WLE) – based alongside LAF at the Mercator Institute at Aberystwyth University – to allow it to build on its expertise in translation and developing international networks.

“We hope that the report will be the first step towards a more balanced provision for literature in Wales based on the recognition of the contribution LAF and WLE have made over the years to the internationalisation of the Welsh literary scene and validation of our repeated success in securing EU support at a time when cuts to arts funding have made access to funds extremely competitive,” added Ms Büchler.

Read the full report by clicking on the link below

You can read Arts Council of Wales/Wales Arts International and Literature Wales’ response on the Wales Arts International website.