Andan Özer

Andan Özer’s books of poetry are Ateşli Kaval (The Burning Pipe), 1981, Çıngırağın Ölümü (The Death of the Rattle), 1983, Zaman Haritası (Time Map), 1991, Veda Şiirleri (Farewell Poems), 1999, and Rüzgâr Durdurma Takvimi (The Wind Stopping Calendar, Collected Poems), 2001. He has worked as an editor for publishing houses and translates poetry from Spanish. His poetry has been translated into Portuguese, Romanian and Macedonian. An important poet of the 1980s generation, he published the journal Üç Çiçek, which established the poetry of that era. He also published the journals DüşlerE and Kaçak Yayın.