Beatriz Chivite Ezkieta

Beatriz Chivite Ezkieta was born in Pamplona in 1991 and has lived in China, Nepal, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Italy, Taiwan and the United Kingdom where she studied Chinese language and comparative cultural studies. She began to write poetry in Basque to feel closer to her roots and maintain an intimacy with the words of her childhood. The themes of her poetry are cities and urban loneliness and the critical contemporary issues of our times. She has published five books of poetry in Basque, including Metro (2014), published in English as The Blue Line (Francis Boutle, 2022). Her latest is Zeozer Gaizki Doa (Something Goes Wrong), published in 2022. She is the recipient of numerous prizes in both the Basque Country and in the UK. Her poetry has been translated to Spanish, Galician, English, Frisian, Gaelic, Slovenian, Italian and Indonesian. She lives in London working as an international engagement manager at a university.

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