Doris Kareva

Doris Kareva (1958) graduated from Tartu University in 1983 in Roman-Germanic philology before going on to work in the cultural weekly Sirp from 1978–1993 and 1997–2002. From 1992 to 2008 she was the Secretary General of Estonian National Commission for UNESCO in Estonia and from 2009 was the Chief Editor of family journal Meie Pere. Kareva has published 12 collections of poetry, one book of children’s literature and one book of essays. She has received two national cultural prizes and numerous literary prizes. Books of her poetry have appeared in Russian, Latvian, Swedish, Thai, has also been translated into French, English, German, Dutch, Hindi, Norwegian, Finnish, Czech, Slovenic, Polish, Welsh, Scottish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Romanian, Irish, Greek and Hebrew. Her writing has been set to music, dance and theatre by various artists in Sweden, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Greece, Thailand, Estonia. She has translated poetry, plays and essays (Ahmatova, Auden, Beckett, Brodsky, Dickinson, Gibran, Kabir, Shakespeare etc), compiled anthologies and written essays, articles and texts for classical music and theatre.