Esyllt Angharad Lewis

Esyllt Angharad Lewis is a freelance artist, translator and editor. She has a passion for writing, speech and drawing and for bringing them into dialogue to communicate tensions around identity, language and minority culture in the context of homogenisation and capitalism. She co-edits Cyhoeddiadau’r Stamp, a Welsh-language independent press, and mwnwgl, a journal of experimental artistic writing. During 2017, 2019 + 2020, she drew every day, posting the outcomes on @esyllt_esylit through a desire to share creativity in the face of the commodification of social media. She is continuously examining how we can better communicate, both orally and visually through problematising translation through professional work, personal practice and collaboration. This work includes tailoring a unique approach to creative translation for arts organisations such as Peak Cymru, Sway Barry + The (Future) Wales Coast Path, and exploring subversive literary translation.

Esyllt was selected for the Ulysses Shelter 3 residency in 2022 and also took part in  Ù Ơ | SUO our digital residency exchange project for Welsh and Vietnamese artists.