Samira Negrouche

Samira Negrouche (1980)  is a Francophone Algerian-Amazigh poet and translator living in Algiers. She trained as medical doctor but has dedicated herself exclusively to writing, translation and creative projects.
She has published six poetry collections and several books in collaboration with artists, including A l’ombre de Grenade (2003), Le Jazz des oliviers (2010) and Six arbres de fortune autour de ma baignoire (2017). Her latest publication is Quai 2I1, partition à trois axes (2019).
Translator of Arabic poetry into French and promoter contemporary francophone Algerian poetry, she edited the anthology Quand l’Amandier fleurira, published in 2012 and created the poetry show Soleils presenting Algerian francophone poetry from the 1930s until today.

She often collaborates with visual artists and musicians, including the Marianne Piketty, Katerina Fotinaki, Lionel Martin and Bruno Helstroffer, with whom she created Quai 2I1 in 2018, as well as the graphic artist Ali Silem, with whom she created the installation Bâton/Totemin 2016. A major voice in her country, her poetry is translated into over twenty languages. She has participated in international poetry and literary events and is frequently invited to give readings, lectures and masterclasses.