Txema Martínez

Txema Martínez was born in Lleida, in western Catalonia, in 1972. He holds a Masters in Spanish Language and Literature from the University of Lleida. He has worked as an Assistant Director of the Catalan edition of a major newspaper and as a Director of a Publishing House. He also commissioned the six editions of the Mahalta International Poetry Festival, in Lleida (2005-2011).

As a writer Txema Martínez has published seven collections of poetry. The latest three (La nit sense alba [Dawnless Night], 2000; Sentit [Sense], 2003; and L’arrel i la pluja [Root and Rain]) have gained the poet public recognition and a rather wide readership. Martínez has received several awards for his poetry, including the Màrius Torres Prize, the Ciutat de Palma Award and the Carles Riba Prize.

Txema Martínez is also a translator, columnist and literary critic. He made a Catalan version of Shakespeare’s Sonnets (2010) and Poe’s poetry (2012). In November 2012, he will publish a new collection of poetry, Dol [Mourning].