Yolanda Castaño

Yolanda Castaño (Santiago de Compostela, Spain 1977) has been publishing poetry for over twenty years.  Her six collections have been awarded a number of prizes. Bilingual editions (Galician-Spanish) of her collections are Libro de la Egoísta [She-egoist’s book] (2006), Profundidad de Campo [Depth of field] (2009) and La segunda lengua [The Second Tongue] (2014). A dynamic cultural activist, Castaño has directed cultural projects with Galician and international poets since 2009: poetry translation workshops, an annual poetry festival, a monthly cycle of readings, apart from programming poetry events for other institutions. A poetry multimedia artist, she has produced events around Europe and America, as well as in Tunisia, China, India and Japan. She worked for TV for several years and has been contributing articles to a number of journals. Her writing has been translated into twenty different languages and she has edited and translated contemporary poetry into Galician and Spanish. Yolanda Castaño has also published five poetry books for children.