About our projects

As well as regular activities, Literature Across Frontiers initiates and manages longer-term projects carried out in partnership with other organisations. Our most recent projects include:

Ulysses’ Shelter an exchange programme of literary residencies in Europe and Wales for emerging writers

Writing the Climate, the Climate of Writing is a literary exchange between Quebec and Wales organised in partnership with Metropolis Bleu Festival

Czech-Scottish Poetry Connections is a year-long project that brings together six poets form the two countries to explore each other’s work and the environment in which they write through translation and discussion

LEILA Research analysing translation flows of Arabic literature in Europe

U O Vietnam-Wales Digital Poetry Residency with Vietnamese and Welsh women and non-binary poets/artists

Silence a project for Deaf communities in Indonesia and Wales

Literary Europe Live Plus a project focused on exiled literary creators in Europe

Giving Contemporary Meaning to Myth and Legends, a series of creative writing workshops with European and Indian practitioners and students from three universities in India