Euro-Mediterranean Region Literary Exchange and Translation

Literature Across Frontiers has been working in the Mediterreanean region for several years, developing relations with organisations and institutions, as well as individual publishers, authors and translators, in order to encourage literary exchange between European countries and the South East Mediterranean. In view of consolidating this work, LAF co-organised a conference in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey. The conference Literary Exchange and Translation in the Euro-Mediterranean Region: Challenges of the Next Decade was held in Istanbul in 2011 and is continuing this work with a series of strategy workshops. Read More about our Euro-Med project here.

In partnership with the Anna Lindh Foundation for the Dialogue Between Cultures and Transeuropéennes, LAF contributed to the development of a translation strategy for the Euro-Mediterranean region within the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Translation Programme, the first stage of which was concluded in early 2011.  The programme consists of a mapping of translation flows in the region, and several pilot projects in the area of literary translation training and minority language-literatures in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The outcomes of the first stage of the Euro-Mediterranean Translation Programme are available to the general public on the partners’ websites, including a study of literary translation from Arabic, Hebrew and Turkish into English in the UK and Ireland, carried out by LAF.

The pilot projects focused on developing training opportunities for literary translators from less widely used European languages into Arabic and Turkish, and on the status of literatures written in minority languages without a sovereign state. Reports on both projects will be published as part of the overall outcome of the Euro-Mediterranean Translation Programme.