Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic

Czech Republic, Ministry of Culture – Subsidies are available for foreign publishers for up to 100% of translator’s fees, support for authors’ travel abroad and support for national stands at book fairs. The Czech Republic has no organisation specifically dedicated to the promotion of Czech writing abroad and this function is partially fulfilled by the Ministry of Culture in line with the Czech Culture Policy. Support for Czech literature abroad involves sponsoring the annual seminar for scholars and translators interested in Czech literature, organised by the Writers’ Association, to which about 30 persons from abroad are invited every year. The Ministry also promotes the export of literature by encouraging the publication of Czech literature and drama in translation and promotes Czech literature abroad by attending foreign book fairs and book exhibitions, by sending Czech writers to international readings, and by publishing promotional books such as Czech Literature at the Turn of the Millennium (2004).

The Ministry of Culture has a website with information in English. Application forms can be downloaded from the Ministry’s website. A list of subsidised books (but not of the amounts granted) is also available on the website.

Czech publishers can also receive support from the Czech Literary Fund,, an independent organisation partly funded by the Ministry of Culture, for the publication of original fiction and translations. The Fund also provides grants to authors for the creation of a work.