The Mediterranean Directory / Fondation René Seydoux

The René Seydoux Foundation for the Mediterranean World seeks to promote cooperation and solidarity between Mediterranean countries. It supports or facilitates initiatives aiming to promote exchanges, friendship and cooperation between Mediterranean peoples in the social, cultural and scientific areas.

Created in 1982, the Mediterranean Directory is a database with information on the major organisations that are interested in the Euro-Mediterranean region. It includes around 1200 organisations including research, cultural and documentation centres, cultural and scientific associations, NGOs, governmental and inter-governmental organisations, international institutions and networks. Located in 50 European and Mediterranean countries, these organisations work on topics related to Euro-Mediterranean issues such as heritage preservation, degradation of water resources, protection of the sea, population dynamics, strategic issues, migration, democracy and citizen participation, creativity, artistic production and artistic and cultural exchange, independent cultural, educational or youth centres. The directory also includes journals and magazines. Search it at: