Schwob is a European portal for the best unknown books of world literature. The Dutch Foundation for Literature launched in 2011 as a website and organisation that facilitates the promotion of literature from all parts of Europe that has not yet appeared in translation. It allows translators and publishers to share their knowledge of modern classics with each other and with readers.

Schwob is now about to start operating at a European level. The Dutch Foundation for Literature will cooperate with literature foundations and partners in six other countries: Catalonia (Institut Ramon Llull), Finland (Finnish Literature Exchange), France (European Society of Authors), Poland (Polish Book Institute), Belgium (Flemish Literature Fund) and the UK (Wales Literature Exchange).

The partners will work together on the selection, distribution and promotion of ‘Schwob titles’ – the truffles of world literature; exceptional but hard to find or undiscovered modern classics that whet the appetite. They will come together twice a year to select ten titles. From among those, each will select the five titles they find most suitable for their own language area, which they will then present to publishers and promote via the website, at festivals and through other activities.