Translation House Looren and Max Geilinger translation grant

Translation House Looren in Wernetshausen, in the Swiss canton of Zurich, offers professional literary translators from all over the world a place to work and study for a number of weeks at a time. At Looren, up to ten guests can devote themselves fully to their project and exchange ideas and experiences with other translators. All language combinations are welcome.

The House also holds readings, workshops and conferences to bring more translated literature to the public’s attention.

Applications for a Max Geilinger translation grants are open to professional translators who are translating a work of Swiss literature into English or translating an English-language work into German, French, Italian, or Rhaeto-Romanic. They are worth CHF 2’000 each and tied to a one-month stay at the Translation House Looren.

More detailed information, including conditions, deadlines, and required materials for application is available on the Translator’s House Looren’s website.