A Georgian Literary Sampler

Following our first translation workshop in Georgia, we've compiled a sampler of Georgian literature in English translation.

Books from Georgia

An interview with Lawrence Schimel

Lawrence Schimel is an award-winning multi-lingual author and anthologist working in many genres (poetry, children’s books, fiction, essays, graphic novels, etc.) whose work frequently deals... more

Lawrence Schimel

Firebirds & Lovers – a film

Firebirds & Lovers captures international poetry on film. Made by Hafsah Naib with Arc Publications it documents a tour by international poets to festivals and events around Britain in 2013 which... more

Firebirds and Lovers still

Poetry GPS: Lyrikline relaunch

Lyrikline is relaunching! Lyrikline is a unique online poetry resource. It features text and sound recordings of poems by over 850 poets in 58 languages translated into 55 languages. It […]

New poetry anthologies out from Arc

Two new anthologies in the New Voices from Europe and Beyond series have recently been published by Arc publications. The series is a cooperation between Literature Across Frontiers and Arc […]

Six Catalan Poets front cover