Transcript 2001 - 2014

Poetry – Anna Davtian

By Anna Davtian
Original language: Armenian
Translated into English by the author
Theme: Armenia
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The Flower of Other Worlds

The flower of other worlds
will slowly open into their eyes,
then fields will flourish.
Those are places where one enters alone,
but does not stay lonely,
due to something unnamed.
We do not know – my students and I –
until I call things with names,
names that have not been clear to me beforehand.
I teach them nothing,
I am merely with them,
as long as they need to be together.
A sunflower for bees in summer.
The flower of other worlds
will slowly open upon their eyes,
with the temporary names that we gave.
They will forgive me,
I am just a teacher.

Translated by the author


From the photo story "The Closed Border" by Anahit Hayrapetyan