Sunday March 11th, 2018

We are pleased to cooperate with Sahitya Pravarthaka Saharkarana Sangham (SPCS) and the inaugural Krithi International Festival of Books and Authors with a poetry encounter between poets from Europe and […]

31 October 2017 — 6 November 2017

Bridging Cultures Through Poetry is a collaboration between Literature Across Frontiers and Sing Lit Station bringing eight multilingual poets from Europe and Southeast Asia to cross-translate one another’s work into a variety […]

14 March 2017 — 16 March 2017

14 March, 7.30pm, Drwm, National Library of Wales, Penglais Hill, Aberystwyth 16 March, 7.30pm, Rich Mix, London, 35-47 Bethnal Green RD (Event page) *** Poetry Connections brings together the leading lights […]

17 June 2016 — 19 June 2016

The poetry of New Voices Juana Adcock and Árpád Kollár will be in the spotlight in Budapest this spring as part of Literary Europe Live. Their poetry will be translated into four different languages during a […]

Until 22 November 2015, 29/11/2015

Ana Pepelnik (Slovenia), Arvis Viguls (Latvia), Bao Chan Nguyen (Vietnam), Franca Mancinelli (Italy), Ming Di (China) and Narlan Matos (Brazil) come together in Slovenia to translate each other’s poetry.

27 August 2015 — 29 August 2015

The tenth edition of the Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival and translation workshop took place in 2015. Writers gathered to translate each other’s work then performed at a series of events […]

29 January 2015 — 2 February 2015

As part of an ongoing effort to connect the literatures of Wales, India and Nepal, a second translation workshop series is taking place from the 29th of January to the 2nd […]

5 January 2015 — 29 January 2015

Poetry Connections is a series of projects which bring together poets from Europe and India to explore each other’s work through translation and create a multilingual poetry performance. The next Poetry Connections workshop will take place in January 2015 in Hyderabad.

7 September 2014 — 10 September 2014

In September 2014 LAF continued its cooperation with the Indian literary world with a translation workshop focusing on the translation of modern classics and contemporary prose between Bangla and Welsh. […]

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