Poetry Translation Workshop, Budapest, 2016

The poetry of New Voices Juana Adcock and Árpád Kollár will be in the spotlight in Budapest this spring as part of Literary Europe Live. Their poetry will be translated into four different languages during a three-day translation workshop. The workshop is organised by and takes place in the Petőfi Literary Museum, a member of Literary Europe Live.

Juana Adcock and Árpád Kollár were both selected by the jury of Literary Europe Live as ‘New Voices from Europe’. Both of them will be present at the workshop and will work together with the translators Móni Ferencz, translating into Hungarian, Lea Kovács, translating into Croatian, Aude Pasquier, translating into French and Ivars Šteinbergs, translating into Latvian. The workshop will be facilitated by András Gerevich, Hungarian poet and translator.

The participants will appear on stage for a reading and discussion at the close of the workshop. The audience will be able to hear the poems and find out about the experience the poets and translators had of working on the translations together.

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