Slovenia Translation Workshop 2013 – poetry in unofficial languages

  • Patrizia Gattaceca, Brane Mozetič and Tibor Hrs Pandur at a Translation workshop, Slovenia, 2013, photo by Tsead Bruinja
    Photo by Tsead Bruinja: Patrizia Gattaceca, Brane and Tibor Hrs Pandur at Štanjel & Dane, Slovenia
  • Štanjel & Dane, Slovenia - scene for Translation workshop 2013
    Photo by Tsead Bruinja: the view from Dane pri Sežani, Slovenia, where the workshop is taking place
  • Photo by Tsead Bruinja: Patrizia Gattaceca and Martín López-Vega in Štanjel & Dane, Slovenia.
  • Photo by Tsead Bruinja: Patrizia Gattaceca and Tibor Hrs Pandur at Štanjel & Dane, Slovenia.
  • At Štanjel & Dane, Slovenia. sunset 2
    Photo by Tsead Bruinja: Dane pri Sežani, Slovenia - sunset
  • Photo by Tsead Bruinja: Brane and Patrizia
  • Photo by Tsead Bruinja: Poets being shown round by Brane

Every year Literature Across Frontiers and the Centre for Slovenian Literature organise a translation workshop. This year the theme is poetry from unofficial languages.  Patrizia Gattaceca, from France, who writes in Corsican,  Maurizio Mattiuzza, from Italy, who writes in Friuli,  Martín López-Vega, from Spain, writing in Asturian and Tsead Bruinja, from the Netherlands who writes Frisian and Dutch are joining Slovenian poet Tibor Hrs Pandur and Brane Mozetič from the Centre for Slovenian Literature. They are spending a week together in Dane pri Sežani  & Ljubljana, translating each other’s poems and performing at Ljublana’s  Festival Živa književnost / Living Literature Festival ( on Friday the 14th of June.

This workshop is supported by Javna agencija za knjigo RS, ŠKUC (Students’ Cultural and Art Center), Ljubljana, the Dutch Foundation for Literature and the Institut francais de Slovenie.

Watch a film of Patrizia Gattaceca reading her poem and Martin Lopez-Vega reading his Asturian translation.