Young Poets from Wales and Serbia collaborate during Ulysses Shelter residency

Posted by Admin on 11 October 2021

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During our first Ulysses Shelter residency at Caernarfon, Grug Muse and Iestyn Tyne, young local Welsh poets and editors of  Y Stamp publications spent time with Serbian poet Goran Stamenić , showing him the are and working with him on Welsh translations of his poems.

Goran said of the experience:

I am hugely grateful for the opportunity to have my poems translated to Welsh language. Meeting new writers, especially young writers, interested in connecting cultures through literature and translations seems like the highest possible goal for me as a cultural worker and an artist. I’ve had the opportunity to achieve that, and more, during this residency stay.

The intention is that the poets stay in touch and have started planning a project to introduce young Welsh poets to a Serbian audience in the future.